Charles Burton Evans Jr. ’68

Strange Daze or as my daughter says “the duality of life.” My place burned down in a wild fire, where I could have been killed and I lost everything…. Global warming, even the fire station was partial burned down and the fire teams ran for their lives too. The brush beyond dry, we have been here over a 100 years and it is a new dance. The fire was explosive, I have been urging, the system was in use for along time, burros, BUT… too easy, no money, I guess, but a 60 burros at each fire station with radio controlled control collars, so biologists to decide where they ate and crushed the brush, works……

Anyway massive battles with my corrupt nephew, who blew an 80 million, I was suppose to get a quarter of…. but other then that, too much fun. I saved a lot of my films, crude rough cuts on Amazon Prime to be improved later, organized my media film company to be concept to distribution, SAG, DGA or non union, no project too small.

Off to a meeting at the Catalina Film Festival Distributor, the Geneva for a Doc, then doc etc Lourve Museum Gallery Paris, then shoot a teaser in the Amalfi coast Italy……………. so not complaining too loudly, wanna see my media PR business plan, email me.

Charles Burton Evans Jr. ’68 aka Carlo Burton

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