Trav Newton ’68


L to R: Trav, Bill, and Jim

Jim Swinerton ’67 and Bill Escamilla ’67 and I met at the University Club of Chicago, last March 31. Jim and his wife, Clarissa, and Bill and his partner, Lisa Dollar Buehler, kindly invited me and my partner, Victoria Montague, to dine the night before I gave a presentation at the Art Institute of Chicago’s Technical Art History Symposium, held in conjunction with their exhibit of Van Gogh’s painting series Bedroom in Arles. My April 1st talk was titled, “Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin: Public and Private Images.” It is available on the museum YouTube site. I am grateful to Edgardo Catalan for putting me in contact with Jim, who in turn put me in touch with Bill and with sculptor Don Reed.

Trav Newton CdeP 1968

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