Lee Follett ’53

A Great North West class of ’53 chapter, encompassing WA and OR, was formalized with a lunch meetup of Guy Lusignan (and Jo) and Bill Nigh (and Polly).

Not to be outdone, Jim Funsten, John Carver, Charlie Stephenson and Lee Follett of the vibrant Bay Area chapter met for lunch. Bill Crawford couldn’t attend. We really looked great and were sharp as tacks. Probing as hard as we could during lunch, however, we could not get an answer out of Funsten as to how he got to drive the garbage truck while at school. Clearly, the fix was in.

The class of 1953 environmental awareness is high, as witnessed by this deed: A gas station near Carver’s home was razed, and the lot was left unimproved and ugly. Johnny Wildflower Seed Carver lugged/scattered pounds of wildflower seeds and the result this spring is a lush carpet of color. What if each of us did the same!

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