John Heard ’59

Anne and I are still cooking here in Albuquerque. I stay busy with volunteer board activity and consult from time to time, most recently in Colombia. We host many international visitors, mainly from Latin America. Anne gets to apply her superior Inn-keeping skills. We travel a lot ourselves. Our grandson, Andre, completed a Peace Corps Tour in Namibia last year in a remote village near the Angolan border, having brought water and the internet to the community along with many other contributions. We visited his site. Our son, David (class of ’79), now manages Latin America for ACE Insurance from Miami headquarters. He is a boomer (born 1961). Amazing, no? Granddaughter Camila graduated this year from U of Miami and is working for a Brazilian company in Miami. Other son, Ted (at Thacher ’79 and ’80), is an artist and lives nearby in Albuquerque. I still do a lot of writing. Jack Huyler’s rules have been a tremendous asset. All is well. We hope to make it in 2019.

John Heard CdeP 1959

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