William Strong ’58

1958WillStrongMy wife (Canadian, but now US citizen) is one of those people who is constantly in motion. I will say this little bump in the road (described below) temporarily slowed her down—but the moment she found out she had an acoustic neuroma on her acoustic nerve, she immediately went to work to research the best solution of which there are various. Linda found and talked to every specialist in the country. By the end of her research, she had identified and come to understand every treatment available, and who the best doctors were to treat her and with what technology. I might put it another way. Linda has a way of zeroing in; so it might be more accurate to say every specialist in the country came to know Linda.

Linda, I think, does not want to frighten the reader; but the truth is, if an acoustic neuroma is discovered and not treated, over time it will lead to death—not to mention it will diminish hearing as time goes by. Linda opted for a radiation treatment which all the doctors who knew her age and her case agreed with. The treatment was successful and, at the same time, surreal. Charlotte has a wonderful cancer center with superb specialists. When I took her down to the center, on the day scheduled for her treatment, I kissed her, hugged her, and told her to be strong (no pun intended). A little over an hour later who comes out the door but Linda. “Hi” she says, “let’s go home, but I’m hungry; so let’s have lunch first.” I was stunned but more than happy to carry out her instructions—so off we went to a nice restaurant we both like and has a lovely lunch. …All post-op indicated the radiation is working and doing its job, and Linda is back up to mach speed.

Linda has been named an official HearStrong Champion!

William Strong CdeP 1958

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