Steve Mayne ’59

A mini-reprise of the Class of 1959’s 55th Reunion dinner was held at our home last October to celebrate the visit of our Kiwi classmate Russ Callander and his lovely bride Suzanne, whose world travels caused them to miss our Reunion at Thacher. Linda and I were joined by classmates Bob and Mary Ellen Boyd, Dick and Margaret Rhodes, Wes and Linda Petit, and George and Sheri Clyde for a festive dinner, in which we recounted wonderful tales of life and legends in the Ojai.  We called upon the spirit of Jack Huyler to lead us in Salvum Pac, and with the aid of some of California’s greatest grape juice, finished the evening with a robust rendition of the School Song, the words of which we agreed will never fade from our hearts.  All in all, an evening full of joy and happy remembrances. It is remarkable how our time together at Thacher some 55 years ago has bound us together in enduring friendship.

Steve Mayne CdeP 1959

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