Heidi Evans Girardoni ’86

Johannes ’85 and I are honored to be Thacher’s Parents Association Chairs this year for several reasons. Thacher has, once again, become the central focus of our family, ever since Helena ’18 joined her sister Julia ’15 as a Thacher Toad, and being PA Chairs adds legitimacy to our frequent presence on campus. We also have the opportunity to be visiting members on the Board of Trustees, which has given us an even deeper respect for the harmony of administration, faculty, staff, student, and volunteer board member participation that makes it all work. We are excited about the future of Thacher, and the promise of new and exciting projects that are on the drawing board. Aside from that, we love living on the West Side of Los Angeles, and I am busy working towards my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, and managing the studio with Johannes, who recently was invited to exhibit his light and sound installation ‘Metaspace V2’ at the 30th International TED conference in Vancouver, Canada in March: link to TED and to Girardoni.

Heidi Evans Girardoni CdeP 1986

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