Bill Wheeler ’58

So Ingrid’s and my life continue much as reported a year ago. Living in Belvedere, Marin County, still working on our real estate projects in Healdsburg where we used to have our winery, and still spending a couple of months a year in San Miguel de Allende. We feel very lucky indeed!

Our son, Justin, and his family are still living in Santander (wife is Spanish) and loving it. Daughter, Jessica Wynne, and family are close by in San Francisco and we see them frequently at the Belvedere Tennis Club where the grandfatherly/motherly baby sitting role comes into play. I still paint in my spare, spare time and the work can be seen at

We hope to make a trip to Thacher one of these days and see our old pals… and maybe make some new ones.

Bill Wheeler CdeP 1958

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