Julia Romano ’00

2000JuliaRomano2Just returned from a second extended retreat in India where I completed my 500 hour training in yoga teaching. I’m a full time yoga and meditation teacher in Washington, DC. I lead retreats for mind/body and soul around the world and would love it if some Thacher folks joined me some time! (note, the attached photos are from a retreat I led this year in Thailand!). First seeds of my deep love for nature, and meditation and movement in the wild, were certainly sewn in the hills above Thacher! I remember stealing away for long walks, feeling lost in the meditation of present moment curiosity, exploration, acceptance, and joyfulness. I’ve been blessed to be able to turn this passion into life’s work! I’m currently working on my third Master’s degree, this one in Yoga Therapy! (First two International Relations and Clinical Psychology). In the next year, I’ll be opening my own yoga studio/private therapy practice in the Washington, DC, area. www.em-poweryoga.com

Julia Romano CdeP 2000


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