Sarah Lavender Smith ’86

Last May, Carolyn Reed Kirkpatrick ’86, Morgan Smith ’85 and Sarah Lavender Smith ’86 bought an item at the Thacher Parents’ Auction for three nights in August at Golden Trout Camp. We recruited Rebecca (Bucky) Clyde Tennant ’86, Eric Gross ’85 and his wife Carmen, and several of our kids to join us. We enjoyed a glorious long weekend hiking and hanging out in camp, expertly managed by Cam Spaulding and several Thacher students. An alumni pilgrimage to Golden Trout is definitely worthwhile!

Sarah Lavender Smith CdeP 1986


Pictured back row (L-R) Bucky, Carolyn, Carolyn and Doug’s son Liam CdeP ’17, Eric, Morgan and Sarah’s daughter Colly CdeP ’16, Sarah, Morgan; front row: more kids and Eric’s wife Carmen

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