Michael Milligan ’62

The Class of ’62 seems to be edging reluctantly into retirement. MARSTEN and MILLIGAN have been there for years, and, although most of the lawyers show no signs of quitting, the sane among us are slowly packing for the next phase. ROGER IGNON reports selling his business, continuing to do the product development he loves, and spending more time in the desert, also the home to DON “SKIP” PORTER, similarly disengaging from LA architecture and working at painting and sculpting in his high-desert studio. JIM “JAY” MCREYNOLDS reports beginning his last year as a psychology professor at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, where it is rumored that he is the entire Social Sciences Department (and gets very high ratings). HANS LINDGREN is retired from his second career as a teacher and reports a crowd of grandchildren scattered across Sweden. NICK WOOD checks in with best wishes from New Jersey, and farthest afield is HAROLD “WARDIE” WARD, who may have graduated in ’63 but was ours for the first three years and does art photography in Australia. BOB MILLER was a young teacher in our day, and his passing left us with a wave of nostalgia for his stealthy footsteps in the Upper School.

Michael Milligan CdeP 1962

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