Alison Espinosa-Setchko ’09

AlisonEspinosa-SetchkoHey All!

I am currently in Spain on a Fulbright Scholarship. For the next year I will be teaching English and Global Classrooms (Model United Nations) to secondary students on the northern coast of Spain. I am living in Santander, the main city in the region of Cantabria, where the Bay Cantabrica meets the Cantabrian mountains. I am so grateful for this opportunity for intercultural exchange both in and outside of the classroom.

Please know that you all have a home in Spain! The picture I have attached is in a neighboring town, Santillana del Mar, where a few of us were able to explore and hike on the world renowned pilgrimage, el Camino de Santiago.

Many Blessings!

Alison Hope Espinosa-Setchko CdeP 2009

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