Tim Bowman ’77

1977TimBowmanSpent a few days with Bill Arnold (CdeP 1977) at Miller Motorsports Park for a sports car race. He was officiating, and I must say he was intimidating! Also Peter Downey (CdeP 1977) and Robin are coming by next week on a combination camping and business trip. Pete and I see each other at least once a year in the Northwest, and my son Jon was employed by Peter digging geoducks a few years ago (look it up, its an episode of Dirty Jobs).

In addition to the usual reunion crew, I also stay in touch with Liz Westbrook (Emma/Thacher CdeP 1975), and hope to visit her and Brad Smith (CdeP 1977) next year if I can swing a trip back East.

Tim Bowman CdeP 1977

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