Parker MacCready ’78

After wandering aimlessly for 35 years I finally got it together to attend a class reunion this year, and was pleasantly surprised to find out what amazing things my classmates had done in the interim. The campus was also nice, although many of the dorms were too fancy! There was a fascinating panel discussion led by Mr. Shagam on the history of the Honor Code. I must admit that I still find aspects of the Code and its implementation during my years problematic, but it was great to hear the opinions of students from many different eras.

I had a great visit with Dan Miller ’78 and his family in Berkeley on a rainy day last month, while dropping my daughter off for her sophomore year at Santa Clara University. My wife, Molly, and I also have a son who just started high school here in Olympia.

I’ve been an oceanography professor at the University of Washington for the past twenty years (!) studying the physics of ocean circulation. However this week I took a break from the ivory tower, starting a 4-month stint as a visiting scientist at Microsoft Research.

Parker MacCready CdeP 1978

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