Lt. Will Wilder ’05

I returned to the states in May. On the way home, you fly on a military cargo plane from Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, into Manas, Kyrgyzstan, where the US has a small town for all transiting troops (basically a bunch of tents, a couple 24-hour dining halls, a 24-hour gym, and a couple shops).  While I was at the MWR (basically a room with a bunch of computers and a movie screen), I ran into–none other than–USAF 1stLt Peter Arnold, on his way back to Little Rock from flying C-130s out of Kandahar.  Chance encounter, so neither of us had a camera, but good to see fellow CdeP’ers, particularly ’05’s out there doing good things and coming home safely.

Lt. Will Wilder CdeP 2005

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