Bryan Beckham ’74

Just back from four action-packed days in the Ojai at Thacher. Weekend before last was the annual Big Gymkhana. For those of you who remember your team colors; Green squeaked out top points for 2013 closely followed by the Blue Team. My pride gets in the way to say my team was a distant third. Luck of the draw on incoming freshman riders and how well they can compete sets the bar. This gymkhana was one of best in memory with Jack Huyler present to watch five new freshmen pick up the silver dollar. My alumni packing race team (Beckham and Neal Howe CdP ’69) came in second to Michael Mulligan (hey is he even an alumnus?) and Newlin Hastings CdP ’70. Our second place finish was saved by Annie Beckham 2014 holding off two other teams as they raced around the field with mules packed towards the finish line.

Bryan Beckham CdeP 1974

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