Wendi Haggard Nitschmann ’83

This summer was quite eventful… I finished the first draft of my book, “The Long Engagement” in June. Then I was able to relax and celebrate my husband’s 50th birthday – we rented a chateau in the Loire Valley of France for two weeks in July, and invited friends and family to join us. It was fabulous. The pièce de résistance was the murder mystery dinner I hosted for his actual birthday: “A Medieval Murder.” Our guests were assigned parts and then had to act out the story. It was loads of fun and very entertaining! After that, we spent two weeks in Rolle, Switzerland, on Lake Geneva, close to where my husband went to boarding school. We had my two youngest and his two youngest children with us there.

Now I am busy editing my book and working on my blog, which allows me to write randomly, but still write! I hope some of my old Toad friends will stop by! 🙂 www.beduwen.com

Wendi Haggard Nitschmann CdeP 1983

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