Alexander Van Dyke ’46

My youngest son Todd Jones, M.D. was married to Jennie Poste, M.D. from Palos Verdes Calif on the island of Ischia, Italy next to Capri at the beautiful Soccorso Church on September 12. They were classmates in medical school. Todd is in his third year of surgical residency in Montefiore, N.Y. and Jennie in her second year of Internal Medicine. Todd plans to go into either Pediatric surgery or Cardiothoracic surgery after finishing his surgical residency and Jennie plans to take a fellowship in Endocrinology. Transportation was provided to many of the participants courtesy of Major Scott Jones USAF, my #2 son who is also a Delta pilot. My second daughter Beth, a newly minted BSN from Duke University on 6/12 (also a graduate of Berkley BA in Econ and London School of Econ), had to stay at home to work at Duke on the Oncology floor. Beth plans on working towards a degree in Nurse Anesthesiology. Others in the family have assured me they have no intention to achieve further education. My wife Penelope passed away in 2005.

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