Schools Interested in Establishing Programs

We’re delighted to know of your interest in learning more about capstone programs. We want to help!

1. Join the Capstone Consortium

2. Browse our Resource Library

3. Come to a Summer Summit

4. Let us partner you with an experienced mentor


Join the Capstone Consortium

We’re glad that you share our interest in capstone programs. We invite you to register your school and any potential program leaders as members of the Capstone Consortium. Joining the consortium will provide connections with program leaders from a broad range of schools and keep you informed about upcoming events. While there are no formal requirements of membership, we hope that member schools will be active participants in this community by attending colloquia, sharing materials, and working with new programs as mentors.  Click here to join the Consortium!


Resource Library

While you’re here, feel free to browse our growing Resource Library. Member schools have shared a wide range of materials reflecting the diversity of approaches and practices in capstone programs. Spending a few minutes looking at these materials will give you a good sense of the challenges and opportunities we face as we administer capstone programs. In addition to the pages linked here, primary documents are available as PDF downloads for your convenience.


Summer Summits

If you’d like to learn more, we also invite you to consider attending one of our Summer Summits. We’ll invite a broad range of participants—from those just curious to learn more about capstone programs to leaders from long established programs—to the Thacher campus in Ojai, California, for a week of presentations, seminars, and workshops. We’ll focus on the opportunities and challenges inherent in this kind of work.

Attending this summer session could be a great springboard to establishing a new program, or at least foster discussions about how this type of educational tool might be adapted to your school. You can learn more about the Ojai area here or see information on the next Summer Summit here.


Mentor Relationships

Finally, if you’ve decided to establish a new program, you might want to consider having us arrange a mentor relationship for you. We will match you with a leader from a school with an established program that is similar to you in type, size, and/or geographical location. We can also suggest schools to visit with existing programs.