Funding Opportunities for Consortium Members

1) Visit Peer Schools!

We’d like to encourage any interested parties to arrange interschool visits to learn about our peer schools’ programs firsthand. The consortium has funding available to support such visits.

2) Present at a Conference!

Also, if you’d like to present at any conferences on your experience with capstone education, we’d love to support you in that endeavor as well. In short, if you have an idea that will broaden the reach of capstone education and our consortium, we want to support you!

3) Calling all Mentors!

If you are interested in helping peers develop new capstone programs, please let us know, as we’ll be looking for some experienced program leaders to launch our new Incubator program. These will be stipended positions, available throughout the school year and during the 2015 Summer Summit.

If you are interested in any of these consortium activities, contact Suzie Nixon at regarding your interest and available funding.

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